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Frequently Asked Questions

New products, new challenges to be solved and new concepts often raise questions.

We collected the most frequently asked questions for each of our novelties to clarify uncertainties. See the respective questions and answers below.

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Can black polymer types be recognized by your machines?2020-07-01T15:00:01+00:00

We can detect black polymers, but do not receive material information and cannot sort by material type. AUTOSORT BLACK can help solving the task.

What is the difference between LOD and DEEP LAISER?2020-07-01T15:00:53+00:00

LOD is housed in an external sensor box which must be installed above the AUTOSORT. A relatively large space is required. The LOD is able to detect and sort out unknown objects (NIR limits) from a material stream. DEEP LAISER is much more compact and flexible because it is integrated in the AUTOSORT. Moreover it is versatile. Detection of unknown material (NIR limits) like LOD, for use with Intelligence Object Recognition or as sensor for DEEP LEARNING.

What exactly is SHARP EYE?2020-07-01T15:01:24+00:00

SHARP EYE is a special optic and focuses the light of our illumination. TOMRA’s SHARP EYE technology increases the light efficiency while maintaining the same energy consumption, enhances sorting sharpness and improves the separation of difficult to target fractions.

Regarding Cybot, are you planning to use it as quality control only?2020-07-01T15:02:56+00:00

No, not only for quality control, we are also planning to install it for material recovery purposes (e.g. valuable fractions like PET, PE, PP etc.).

What is the number of picks/hour of your new robot?2020-07-01T15:03:20+00:00

The number of picks AUTOSORT(R) CYBOT can handle is between 70 and 80 picks/min.

Do I need to buy the complete machine including belt and hood or is it possible to buy only AUTOSORT(R) SPEEDAIR components?2020-07-01T15:05:09+00:00

No, it is not mandatory to buy a complete machine. The machines components can be bought separately and also perfectly work with a belt and hood purchased from a third party.

What is the speed of the conveyor belt for SPEEDAIR system?2020-07-01T15:05:31+00:00

AUTOSORT SPEEDAIR reaches a belt speed of up to 6m/s. With industry demand resulting in the need for higher speed conveyor belts, AUTOSORT® SPEEDAIR incorporates speed-controlled fan-driven air inlets that generate a constant air stream over the conveyor belt to prevent material on the conveyor belt from moving. By doubling the speed of the conveyor belts up to 6 metres per second, throughput is much higher and the output quality is consistently high.

Can the new AUTOSORT®, SPEEDAIR and CYBOT already be tested in Mülheim-Kärlich?2020-07-06T07:13:11+00:00

The test center in Mülheim Kärlich is equipped with the respective products and is available for tests.

What is the purpose of AUTOSORT® SPEEDAIR?2020-07-06T07:13:31+00:00

TOMRA´S AUTOSORT(R) SPEEDAIR has been developed for film sorting and paper sorting: It is a highly customisable system designed to stabilise light materials such as plastic films or paper on a highspeed conveyor, thus generating a higher throughput and enhancing sorting quality.

Doesn’t AUTOSORT® SPEEDAIR need a cover belt to be effective? Is it already operational and if so, in how many plants and application is it already running?2020-07-06T07:13:53+00:00

No, based on the machine set-up we don’t nede a cover. We integrated a special hood design element which protects films or paper going into the pipes.

When can we expect the official market launch of AUTOSORT® CYBOT?2020-07-06T07:14:15+00:00

AUTOSORT(R) CYBOT will be officially launched at the end of the year 2020.

What are the additional technologies available in the new AUTOSORT®?2020-07-06T07:14:50+00:00

Optional technologies include the new DEEP LAISER which stands out for its compactness and flexible range of uses. Its object recognition enables a deeper sorting sharpness to significantly improve the performance of the sorting process. Another application area is the use of Artificial Intelligence via Deep Learning. DEEP LAISER is one of the first fully integrated Deep Learning systems on the market.

What is new in the new version of FLYING BEAM®?2020-07-06T07:15:14+00:00

The new AUTOSORT(R) comprises the new generation FLYING BEAM those efficiency is now twice as high as previously. In combination with SHARP EYE the recovery of signals is maximized to achieve the highest performance.

What are the benefits of AUTOSORT® CYBOT compared to the robots that are currently on the market?2020-07-06T07:16:25+00:00

The AUTOSORT(R) CYBOT is one of the first robots in the recycling industry that combines 4 technologies and can sort into four streams. CYBOT is applied for quality control and the recovery of valuables.

What is TOMRA Insight?2020-07-27T07:20:31+00:00

TOMRA Insight is our digital solution for the recycling industry. It concerns a cloud-based solution that securely gathers data from your sorter and combines it with historical data. The user-friendly and easy to access web-based portal is accessible from anywhere, and on any device connected to the Internet. Furthermore, the data is accessible via a direct interface to integrate it into our customer’s IT systems for further analysis.

How is TOMRA Insight adding to the performance of the New AUTOSORT?2020-07-27T07:22:22+00:00

By making data available and creating transparency every connected customer can monitor and analyze the sorting process and make fact-based decisions, improving the production process. Next to that, TOMRA Insight allows our customers to proactively organize maintenance interventions, consult machine documentation, historical information, and order spare parts. TOMRA Insight enables our customers to continuously connect to our expertise, and use the New AUTOSORT® to its full potential.

Is my data protected?2020-07-27T07:23:15+00:00

Yes, TOMRA Insight is designed and implemented with data privacy & cybersecurity in its core.  It’s developed in close collaboration with leading technology partners to deliver cloud-based technologies that respect the operator’s privacy requirements. Data is encrypted and locked behind protected virtual walls, and these secured chambers are continually tested to ensure impenetrability.

Do I need to install any additional hardware at my production facility?2020-07-27T07:23:54+00:00

Yes, our TOMRA Care team will install a TOMRA Insight Connection Kit, a small cabinet containing all components, per plant. The TOMRA Insight Connection Kit includes a hardware gateway, that acts as a router and firewall. It is also used to remotely access the Agent PC via VPN in case of maintenance needs, as well as other connected machines through our additional TOMRA Care offering.

How can I benefit from the advantages TOMRA Insight has to offer?2020-07-27T07:24:22+00:00

We offer every New AUTOSORT as a connected machine in combination with TOMRA Insight. Customers will have access to the online platform and receive the necessary user information and support. The provided transparency opens up new opportunities such as the reduction of downtime and the maximization of throughput. TOMRA Insight is a continuous development project with new releases every month providing more features and advantages in the future.

Where can I find more information on TOMRA Insight?2020-07-27T07:26:37+00:00

You can consult our dedicated webpage: Here you can find more information, watch an explainer movie and download our brochure.

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